Rockform offers the highest standard of formwork across residential, civil and commercial projects.

  • Conventional formwork systems and panel systems (RMD and GRIDFLEX)
  • High strutting – Rockform understands that every job is unique there for we use different high strutting systems to suit the product at hand. This is installed by our qualified staff.
  • Rockform incorporates conventional formwork with its panel system to achieve a highly productive safe working environment.
  • Jump form – Rockform’s highly qualified staff supply and install jump form to suit the particular project and meet the requirements of the job. Where jump form is not used, we use craneable box shutter systems that eliminate the risk of falls from heights.
  • Vertical columns / walls – Rockform have invested heavily in a peri duo plastic formwork system that enables us to free stand our columns, that is light weight and produce no wastage of materials on site.
  • Screens – Rockform’s highly qualified staff supply and install screens to suit the project requirements of any particular job.
  • Walls – We have also invested heavily with Peri Trio metal system, that enables us to free stand columns, shafts and walls in a fast efficient and safe manner.

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